I Love You More Than You Know ♥
You never hurt me, You never leave me, You always in my heart everywhere, everytime and everyday. Your smile that make my day Brighter. Your cheek is always in my mind, Haha so funny :'D Don't worry, You always belong with me until my last breath or Forever ~ You admit that you not perfect, But you perfect in my  Heart :') You not my first but you are my Last Love. For sure you are my Girlfriend or Wife :'D and you still is. Looking back throught my past make me realize how wonderful my life changed now. I realy believe that you're the greatest thing that ever happened in my Life, I swear. You always have this ability to make me smile and there hasn't been a day that I stopped smiling and you always make things better even if my day is going bad. I Don't Care about what other people say or think about you and us. I Love You for who you are, Thanks accepting my Imperfections :') I'd like you to stay for a very long time and I'm hopping you will never step back and Leave Me :') I love you forever and ever Maya